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Jewish History Uncensored

Oct 29, 2020

Unit on the Vilna Gaon

This part of the series looks at the Vilna Gaon. We will examine his life, his ambitious projects , accomplishments, his contributions to Torah, and his historical legacy. We will see how the Vilna Gaon clearly influenced Polish Lithuanian Jewry and how this left a deep historical imprint. 

EPISODE 10  Vilna Gaon Early Life 

In this episode we look at the family background of the Vilna Gaon. We will examine some of the legendary stories about the Vilna Gaon’s youth. We will look at the period of his voluntary exile and some of the fascinating results of that period. We will examine one of the greatest legacies of the Vilna Gaon, his incredible diligence in learning.  We also will discuss how the Gaon changed the conflict with the Besht and his Chassidim. 

 Other topics discussed are the difference between the way Chassidim and Misnagdim say stories.  Was the Besht aware of the Gaon? What would have happened if the Gaon met the Besht? The Ramchal? 


Rabbi Arnie Wittenstein is a well known Torah scholar, Tanach expert, and Historian. He has lectured in the Mir Yeshiva, Torat Shraga, and and many Shuls internationally.

These podcasts integrate his broad knowledge of many different facets of Torah and History.

Join in weekly to gain accurate & in depth knowledge of some of the most important and controversial topics in Jewish History.

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