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Jewish History Uncensored

Sep 23, 2021

 0:30 Is there a difference in the issues of Emuna and Bitachon between Chassidus and Hisnagdus?

 6:04 What is the difference between how Chassidus and Hisnagdus views optimum fulfillment of mitzvos?

16:10 How does this apply to saying Shema?

21:03 Does the machlokes between Chassidus and Hisnagdus parallel what is the prime focus of Judaism, intellect or emotions?

27:07 Is the concept of Chassidus limited to the Baal Shem Tov? Did the Baal Shem Tov invent the idea of Chassidus? 

33:27 When did real Hisnagdus start? Who were the instigators?

44:06 Was the machlokes primarily of Halacha of Hashkafa?

46:12 Was there different type of opposition to the Baal Tanya than any other types of Chassidus?

48:20 What would the Besht say about contemporary Chassidus? 

55:18 How much of Nefesh Ha-Chaim is Hisnagdus?

56:02 What does it mean that Noam Elimelech is for Tzadikim, Tanya for Banonim, and Likutai Maran is for Reshaim?

1:02:01 How should we understand statements that seem to accuse Chassidus or Hisnagdus of heresy? When can we integrate these ideas into our lives?

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