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Jewish History Uncensored

May 20, 2021

In this episode we look at end of R' Imanuel Chai Ricco’s life and his tragic death. Why did people consider him as dying for Kiddush Hashem? 

We start looking at the issue of the Ten Tribes. What happened to them after they were exiled? What does it say in Tanach about them? What does it say in Shas about them? Is there other Midrashic information about where the Ten Tribes were exiled to? How do we reconcile R Akiva’s opinion that the Ten Tribes aren’t coming back with the places in Tanach that strongly imply they are coming back? We look at the legendary story of Eldad Ha-Dani.  When did this story happen? Did everyone accept the story as true? Is there a connection between Eldad Ha-Dani and the Ethiopian Jews? 

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