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Jewish History Uncensored

Jun 27, 2024

In this episode we look at my father’s career in NASA in the heroic era, and some fascinating lessons we can learn from them. We also look at my father’s early steps in Yiddishkeit, and how inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources. 

This is a link to related documents and pictures: Apollo 8


Jun 21, 2024

 In this episode we look at some more aspects of the Von Braun issue. We also look at my father’s college experiences and how he grasped opportunity when it came his way. We also look at how my parents met, which was a critical factor in the families spiritual development. 

Nach Yomi: Join R' Wittenstein’s Nach Yomi...

Jun 7, 2024

In this episode we look at my father hcm’s early life. How did he get to a very small town in Alabama? What was it like to grow up in a small southern town? What lessons did my father hcm learn from successfully playing High School football? Why did my father decide to become a rocket scientist? Should the USA...