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Jewish History Uncensored

Nov 26, 2020

Episode 14 -GAON V - The Vilna Gaon’s Unfulfilled Ambitious Projects 

In this episode we look at the Vilna Gaon’s most ambitious projects that he ultimately was not able to complete. His project of writing a final and fully definitive version of Shulchan Aruch and his attempted Aliyah to Israel. Are these two...

Nov 19, 2020

Episode 13 -  Vilna Gaon IV - The Gaon’s editing of Rabbinical Documents

One of the other key issues we look at is how to understand the Vilna Gaon’s editing of Shas and other Rabbinic material. Why did he edit some of these documents heavily and barely touch others?  How does the Vilna Gaon’s editing of Shas...

Nov 12, 2020

Episode 12 - Vilna Gaon III - The Gaon’s Torah Accomplishments 

In this episode we take a closer look at the  Vilna Gaon’s accomplishments in Torah. One of the key issues is proper understanding of the Vilna Gaon as a posek. How revolutionary was he? How much of a departure was he from the earlier poskim? One of the...

Nov 5, 2020

GAON #11 - Vilna Gaon - Legacy 

In this episode we take a closer look at the image that the Vilna Gaon created in his student’s eyes. One of the primary examples is the Vilna Gaon’s legendary diligence. This is one of the most important legacy’s of the Gaon. We also discuss how to practically relate to...