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Jewish History Uncensored

Dec 3, 2020

Episode 15 - The Gaon and His Bais Medrash 

 In this episode we take a closer look at many of the biographical details of the Vilna Gaon. When was his Bais Medrash built?  We also look at the Vilna Gaon’s close students, especially R Chaim Volozhin. Was there a difference between how the Vilna Gaon related to his earlier students and his later ones? What can we learn from these facts about his attempted Aliyah?

We also take another look at the Gaon’s synthesis of Shas and Halacha. And we also look at the Gaon’s part in the machlokes between R Yonasan Eibeshitz and R Yaacov Emden.


Rabbi Arnie Wittenstein is a well known Torah scholar, Tanach expert, and Historian. He has lectured in the Mir Yeshiva, Torat Shraga, and and many Shuls internationally.

These podcasts integrate his broad knowledge of many different facets of Torah and History.

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